From Panic to Puzzle

Imagine you leave home in a hurry, heading to a very important meeting for which you spent a good part of the previous night working on, and you receive a frantic phone call from your concerned spouse:

Honey, honey, she says, you forget everything you were working on last night.

When you answer, I am sure I’ve got everything.


She gets even more frantic and says: Frank, Frank, your laptop is here, your briefcase is here, the papers you were writing on are here. I am looking at them.


You calmly and confidently reply: honey, I know I left those things in the office room, but I have with me everything I need for the meeting. I have MobilePlus


Ohh! She says ok, good luck honey.

You hang up the phone and smile all the way to the office for your meeting.



Welcome to True Mobility!