MobilePlus Security Module is the module that monitors the tablet for security access

MobilePlus Security Module

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$169.99Sale Price
  • The Security Module makes it virtually impossible for information the user stores in MobilePlus tablet to fall into the wrong hands. MobilePlus Security Module has three layers of security, all three of which can be implemented but the owner has also the flexibility of applying some or none. Of course, if no security is applied, MobilePlus is as vulnerable as any other mobile device. Once the first layer of security is applied however, MobilePlus algorithm disables side entry (ADB) at the first unsuccessful attempt to log into the device. The three layers of security begin with MobilePlus reading the index fingerprint (layer 1); if successful (fingerprint is recognized), MobilePlus issues a prompt which requires the user to enter a UserID and a password (layer 2); assuming the provided information are correct, MobilePlus sent a 4-8 digit or 4-8 digit-character combination to the registered owner cellphone (layer 3) which must be entered into MobilePlus in order to complete the unlocking process. As it may be obvious, your information stays as it should be, yours.

    Note: The Security Module MUST be purchased with MobilePlus Core Module. If a party is interested in licensing this module, please contact the Business Development office for details.