MobilePlus Pairing module enables sharing of info between MobilePlus and another mobile device

MobilePlus Pairing

$179.99 Regular Price
$149.99Sale Price
  • The Pairing Module approach is unorthodox; it bypasses the standard Bluetooth approach. MobilePlus is able to pair with another mobile device irrespective of location. In other words, you are able to pair your MobilePlus tablet here in the United States with your girlfriend/boyfriend’s cellphone in UK or wherever s/he happens to be. Once another mobile device is paired with MobilePlus, one as a slave the other as a master, the user is able to share pictures, documents, videos, games or live images while conversing with the other user. Of course, the Bluetooth pairing capability is available as well and is independent and unrelated to the MobilePlus Pairing Module.

    Note: The Pairing Module MUST be purchased with MobilePlus Core Module. If a party is interested in licensing this module, please contact the Business Development office for details.