MobilePlus Features At a Glance

MobilePlus is a lightweight tablet that features the latest technology:

Bluetooth 4.0, Wifi 802.11n, 3G/4G/LTE/WCDMA, Infrared technology, 39MP Video Camera, a display resolution that matches iPad retina, a mode of security that makes leaving the tablet unattended not a problem and of course built-in print, scan and fax capability.


MobilePlus also includes a pairing system that's UNMATCHED by any product in the market today.

We've also included SIM CARD technology to expand appeal and universality of MobilePlus.


MobilePlus comprises three (3) very distinct modules:


1) the first one (referred to as Core Module) functions like a regular tablet but with powerful features, such as built-in print, scan and fax capability, internal storage space starting at 64GB, external space expandable to 256GB, infrared technology which enables taking pictures and shooting videos in the dark or areas of poor visibility.


2) the second one (referred to as Security Module) is responsible to monitor the security of MobilePlus tablet. Once added to MobilePlus Core module, it provides the level of security discussed in the SECURITY section later in this document


3) the third one (referred to as Pairing Module) is responsible to facilitate pairing MobilePlus with other devices. Once added to MobilePlus Core module, it provides the functionality discussed in the "PAIRING MOBILEPLUS..." section later in this document



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