MobilePlus Core Module


The Core Module is the only one that is built as a standalone, i.e. it does not need the others to function properly. The Core Module is an android-based tablet fitted with built-in Print, Scan and Fax capability. MobilePlus Core Module comes with 5GB ROM, 64GB external storage as well as SDXC expandable to 256GB of storage. In addition, the Core Module comes configured with a 39MP camera and a 50X Zoom video camera; integrated infrared technology enables shooting pictures or recording videos in areas of poor visibility. MobilePlus Core Module gives the user the same features and functionalities found in other tablets in addition to features and functionalities not yet available in any other tablet anywhere.

Price .......................  $699.99




Delivery of orders will begin mid-December 2020; you should therefore expect your MobilePlus tablet during the Christmas holiday seasons. We will keep you abreast of the progress being made towards manufacturing of MobilePlus.


If at any time you wish for a refund, simply send an email to Customer Service; within 48 hours of receiving your request, you will be provided a link for an automated refund process.