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The requirements to become an InterNotes Mobile Corp. Owner are straightforward; starting at $5,000 each dollar you invest towards the goal to complete MobilePlus prototype and begin manufacturing, you acquire one unit of ownership of InterNotes Mobile. Within forty-five (45) days of completing at least the minimum investment, you will receive a certificate of ownership for the investment amount. The certificate of ownership is your proof that you are indeed an InterNotes Mobile Owner. The opportunity of general ownership is available for a limited time only.


Even if you're not able to make the initial minimum investment today, make a Hold My Spot Investment to insure you enjoy the benefit of any opportunity such as interest in InterNotes Mobile Corp from another party, merger or acquisition or licensing deals of any of InterNotes Mobile unique technologies.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you encounter problem using your credit/debit card, request an invoice for the amount you want to invest. Once you receive the invoice, proceed as instructed with your card; there may be nothing wrong with your card.


Paypal is aware of the problem; they are working to provide a fix.

DO NOT under any circumstance, none whatsoever, give cash to any InterNotes Mobile Corp's employee.

Call the office to report anyone who suggests otherwise. Email us to report the individual

Investment Level

$5,000 - $9,500

What Happens Next?

Within 24 hours of making an investment, you will receive acknowledgement of such; following the acknowledgement, you will receive communications from the founder, from business operations and from our business development unit. Within 45 days, you will receive a Certificate of Ownership.

At least once a month, you will receive communication updates on the status of the MobilePlus project.



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