When considering the portability of such functionalities, one ought to wonder how businesses have managed to operate without such product. Well, they managed, ineffectively. That's about to be changed.


Consider this: your boss is away, overseas, meeting with a group of highly technical people; they provide him a schematic of a product they are working on. The meeting took place at a remote location, away from prying eyes and snooping ears. Everyone at the meeting is delighted. Your boss wants to share it with you to get your opinion (you are the top technical guy back home, could not travel with your boss but would stay put to help when needed).


In this scenario, a) your boss could wait until the meeting ends, to locate a fax to send the schematic to you or b) one of the participants in the meeting could be asked to send the fax to you.

In both cases, the meeting has to come to a halt in order to forward the document to you, wait for your input before proceeding.


That could create a confidentiality breach; the fax used to forward the schematic to you may keep content in its memory, thus accessible to others or the person tasked to send the document to you may be distracted when stepped away from the meeting and exposed a very highly confidential document.


MobilePlus comes to the rescue in this scenario; the meeting does not have to be stopped; your boss takes the page containing the schematic, scans it through MobilePlus (which takes less than 15 seconds) and emails to you. In less than a minute, you are looking at the schematic and providing your input, thus helping the process move forward without interruption. MobilePlus saves the day.


Welcome to True Mobility!