InterNotes Management Team



Mike Ducheine


Mike Ducheine is InterNotes Mobile founder. Mike has over two decades of experience both in business and technology. Prior to starting InterNotes Mobile, Mike worked for Global Business Solutions as Business Development & Engagement Manager


Carla Ashterzi


Carla Ashterzi is InterNotes Mobile VP of Operations. She has over a decade of experience managing large scale operations. Prior to joining InterNotes Mobile, Carla worked for BMW as a strategist.


Marc Auley


Marc Auley is InterNotes Mobile advisor; in addition to his financial expertise, Marc is a business attorney. Prior to joining InterNotes Mobile, Marc was a retiree. His own words “I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be part of the next technology revolution”.


Marc Zimmerman


Marc Zimmerman is InterNotes Mobile Chief engineer, responsible for design, prototype and manufacturing coordination. Prior to joining InterNotes Mobile, Marc  worked for the US government as expert in rare circuitry. With a bachelor degree in computer engineering and a master of sciences in electrical engineering, Marc emerged above the rest when he built the first electrical pulse device which technology
is currently used in a variety of electronic and mobile devices including wireless charging.