Kickstarter Campaign



InterNotes Mobile is currently running a campaign on Kickstarter to generate the cash needed to complete Mobile+ prototype and proceed to manufacturing.


It is a very exciting project. Mobile+ is sure to revolutionize the world of mobile devices much the same way the PC did the computer world in the 1980's.


Please support our campaign. There is no small contribution. Any pledge brings us one step closer to our goal.

1) Any pledge of $2 and up is appreciated. You receive A Big Thanks for your support

2) Any pledge of $5, you receive a virtual High-Five for your support

3) For a pledge of $50 (or more), you're eligible to get a FREE Mobile+ tablet

4) For a pledge of $1,500 (or more), become an InterNotes Mobile Owner

5) Let your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine or any social network you're on know about Mobile+

6) Refer your friend; we will make the contact on your behalf.

7) Your friends can help you get a FREE Mobile+. Go to our Kickstarter's campaign to find out how

8) Tweet about Mobile+ every chance you get.

Before you start looking around and forget what's next, go to Kickstarter to make a pledge. Bookmark this site to come back to later. I know, I get lost too reading about this exciting innovation.

Days Remaining

before Campaign Ends

Take advantage of our Early Bird Special of $299 Ending on December 18

Regular Price: $599