Get Your Free Mobile+


If you make a contribution of $50 or more, you are automatically ELIGIBLE to receive a free

Mobile+ tablet when it becomes available. Tell your friends (on

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat or any social network) about Mobile+.


For EACH of your friends that makes a contribution towards our goals (whether it's a $25

contribution or the purchase of Mobile+),



towards the purchase of Mobile+. Collect enough $$ discount to cover the Regular Mobile+ price ($599) and receive a free Mobile+ tablet at time of shipment; shipment is FREE during the campaign.


Example: let’s assume you make a pledge of $150 today; let’s also assume you refer 9 friends who make a pledge of just $25. For each of your friends, you receive a discount of $50, a total of $450. Since you made a pledge of $150, the cost of Mobile+ is fully covered. At time of shipment, you will receive a lovely, fully operational Mobile+. Because all those activities happen during the campaign, shipping is also FREE. This is just another way to encourage you to help us reach our goal. Thank you.


Note: the friends you refer MUST NOT be a current backer in this campaign, and your contribution today is also applied towards the Regular Price of Mobile+ if you decide to buy one when it becomes available.