Mobile+ at a Glance (Cont'd)




  • With that much information stored in such a sophisticated device, we integrate a level of security that makes leaving your device unattended no longer a problem. Within 24hrs of using the device, we force it to be configured for protection; using your index finger and placing it anywhere in the touch sensitive area along with a STRONG password and a random 4 to 8-digit number sent to your cellphone, the device can only be unlocked by you from that point on. After the first fifteen minutes of inactivity, the device can be unlocked with either the password or your index finger; after 30 minutes, both your index finger and the password must be used to unlock the device. After 1 hour of inactivity, a random 4-digit number -sent to your phone - is needed to unlock the tablet. If stolen, after two unsuccessful attempts to unlock the device, a series of events is triggered: a) the camera will automatically rotate towards the user and lock in that position b) rapid successions of pictures of the user will be taken c) those pictures will be automatically uploaded into our server and sent to your email address d) all ports in the device are completely disabled to prevent side-entry e) the device will be automatically turned off and cannot be turned back on for at least one (1) hour. When turned back on, the user is given one last opportunity to unlock the device; failure would require the user to call a number (displayed on the screen) to unlock the device.. That's the only choice.




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