Mobile+ at a Glance (Cont'd)



  • We also equip Mobile+ with a high power Scanner and Inkless technology, making it a snap to print, scan, fax anywhere; on the plane, on the train, at the golf course or even at the beach.


  • If you ever feel nostalgic about a physical keyboard, one is made available, just for Mobile+; that keyboard is no ordinary keyboard, it charges the tablet while docked; it sports a very large battery that powers and recharges the tablet even if no electrical outlet is available. In addition, the keyboard is fitted with permanent storage area that can be used either as a secondary storage for the tablet or simply to mirror the information in the tablet. If configured, at the touch of a button, the keyboard can use any wifi connection to upload all information into an online storage. If you like to implement automated tasks, at the touch of a button, you can record every keystroke, save to a file and configure to be replayed any time you wish to perform the same task.


  • With all those features and functionalities, Mobile+ weighs less than two pounds. We call this device The Mobile Office no one should ever be without, ever again.



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