About InterNotes Mobile

InterNotes Mobile (IM) was founded in January of 2012; IM is working to carve a niche in the electronic/technology space with a focus on the future.

Its creation was spurred by the concept of a brand new product, known by its technical name as flatboard and by its more appropriate and common name as Mobile+,  Portable Office or Tab+. With this new product, IM expects to revolutionize the way business is operated across the world, much like the introduction of PC (revolution) in the 1980's.

InterNotes Mobile Co. ("IMC") filed with IRS for a Corporation status on June 1, 2012. Filing was done in the state of New York.

InterNotes Mobile Co. also filed a Provisional Application for Patent with the United States Patent Office on June 1 2012 and again in September 2014.
InterNotes Mobile Co. was founded by Mike Ducheine who conceived Mobile+ and is actively involved in bringing it to the market. Mike is surrounded by a team of dedicated and experienced professionals, working tirelessly to make this venture a success.

Logo and other branding related activities are finalized.
IM Mobile Office product can be used by any business personnel in any industry; It is one product that no serious business person can afford to be without, ever again. It is a revolution! This is the future.

                                                             Welcome to True Mobility!



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