Serious Individuals Only

You are here because you received an invitation, you saw our ad, you were referred by a friend or you just stumble on this opportunity. Let me get to the point.


My name is Mike Ducheine, architect of MobilePlus, the first and only tablet in the world with built-in print, scan and fax. We are currently working on the prototype.


We are looking for individuals who are in a position to invest at least $2,500, preferably individuals who would at least consider joining our company in the future. However, this is not a requirement for investing.


This is an invitation to come to a presentation event where we discuss details of MobilePlus and financial rewards to be onboard at this early stage. It is very likely that a $2,500 investment today could be worth over  $25,000 dollars in three years or less.


We continue to hold presentations at various dates/times. Correct location is emailed to registrants 24 hours before the event. Each session accomodates up to 20 individuals. Alternatively, we can hold presentations in your State/City if at least 15 individuals register for the event.








Note: To weed out ineligible candidates we require a deposit of $100 to complete the registration. The deposit is fully refunded if there is no interest after attending the presentation; otherwise, it's added to your investment.